Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Arab dating is becoming very popular on the internet today.

Monday, January 22, 2007

A parable (with Iberian ham) since mentioned al ham of quality in the profile of Sapkowski, comes me to the head to relate a small anecdote that occurred me last September, doing a report by the High Lands of Soria. That region is the most depopulated one of Spain, with a density of lower population to the average of the desert of the Sahara. Is not as beautiful as other zones of the province, but has its values, among them the own condition of almost totally empty place. In the report, we rise to a high one that dominates more or except the region to do photos of stars, totally desprovistas of contamination lumínica. We were lucky, a clear night, and the work turned out to be stupendous. Well, but the history does not have in itself a lot that to see with that. As part of the tourist route by the zone that were preparing, we went to the factory of stuffed that has grown in recent years in San Pedro Manrique, capital of the region. The Blaze is called, by being in San Pedro tradition made famous the step of the fire with the barefoot feet the day of San Juan. A kind employee of the business was us showing all the cameras in which the ham he goes continuing its process of cured, to obtain a handicraft that according to some experts -and I give faith of it after test it- is comparable in some aspects al Iberian of black leg. I learned enough on the theme in that hour. But what I come to reseñar al final of the visit was produced. In the closing of the productive chain a place is found where the hams are bottled al empty to be envoys to two destinies: the positions of massive sale, type superstores, and the places where itself lonchean for to be pocketed. The question is that only two exist or three machines loncheadoras industrial of ham in every Spain, by the ones that pass all the hams that consume when we buy in the superstores a tea bag of twelve slices. And those machines, that leave the ham to velocity of vertigo, only they admit the ham with you determined measures. As if all the hogs were of the same size... The case is that to send the ham to lonchear, him should be submitted to some brutal pressures, of several tons, that put him in the adequate mold for to be cut by the same boss. So much care, so many wine cellars with different humidities, and al final al ham that goes to lonchear him is removed the bone and they are given him two hostiones that leave the rectangular, like a York. The meat, clear, contracts or is expanded losing all its properties, is enervated and loses the fragrance. It gives equal: what is important is that be uniform, easy to pack, equal to all the others. With being this sad, it more curious of the history is that "The Blaze" has in their factory a store in which buy the 500 inhabitants of San Pedro Manrique and the neighboring towns of the region. And it so happens that, despite that the people of the factory they insist that it they do not, most of the buyers they acquire the ham loncheado instead of expecting two minutes to that the employee, that I give faith that is a wild animal with the knife jamonero, the fresh ham leave them, with its just proportion of grease, recently left the wine cellar, in perfect state for the I consume. Why spend not those two minutes to consume a marvelous product and to be conformed on the other hand with something more insipid, that not even is worth cheaper? Our guide gave us the answer. "They are in a hurry. They say that they do not have time to expect. Personally, I believe that what happens is that they want to imitate to the people of the city, to be considered important being felt that they are stressed". A grief, ¿not? Curious company this in which there is not time to enjoy the good things, because one must go to every hurry for... for... Why coño one must go fast that be better than eating a fantastic ham, I I say? He is that he was of visit George Clooney in San Pedro Manrique and only he exercised the fornication to the housewifes that were presented of 11:15 to 12:15 in the plaza of the City Hall? There is some another thing aside from this that can be more important in the puñetera life that to buy a good ham? Seeing the soap, to have two minutes before the stew for the husband and the children, I gossip two additional minutes (as if we do not gossip in the queue of the store. ..), WHAT? I ask me how many of these irrationalities we will commit inadvertently in our everyday life to feel us that we are important, that we are in a hurry, and that we have to arrive as soon as possible to things that are worth much less the grief that the ones that lose to change. I would like to have perspective.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I take pleasure with pity, not with the sacrifices ! "because that which sacrifices meurtrit itself, and me meurtrit in him. Would that which sacrifices does not like, then how like its next ?
Because I ordered D to you’to like your next like yourselves : if you sacrifice yourselves, you will thus sacrifice also your next.
Recall you of Jesus, it did not shout on the public places, it is not tortured spirit for those which did not listen, it relied in my kindness and my right revenge.
And it was justified, because gave good things to those which listened, since is me that they listened, and I avenged for those which did not listen, because is me that they did not listen.
I protect and I just like avenge all those which are with me, I protect myself and avenges me.
Good Master is not that which sacrifices himself and runs after disciples. Good doctor is not that which runs after patients. That which sees welis not that which runs after blind men.
The good Master, is that which is transformed into a strong and accessible citadel, built at the top a mountain. And it will be enough for him being visible, and that the light shines in its turns, to incite stripped with to shelter there.
is with the pity which I take pleasure, not with the sacrifices, because pity meurtrit not that which exerts, pity results from abundance of the joy of Cœur.
But which sacrifices meurtrit, and is the pain which grows in Mœur, is desolation and the sadness which installs there, that has it thus still good to divide ? There is nothing for oneself and one wants to divide something with his next ?
Worse still, there is a desert in oneself and one calls source of life ? There are rotted fruits and one would like to divide them, by calling them delicacies ?
is the desire to make suffer its next as one is made suffer oneself which hides behind the generosity of insane which is sacrificed.
There is that on three occasions that it is better to resist and sacrifice that to obey : if one requires of you to disavow me, if one requires of you prostituer of you, and if one requires of you to kill a man.
Because in these three cases, to remain in life, qu one ilife asks you to disavow ! In these three cases, to remain in life, death-alive qu one ito become requires you ! However it is to better die that to live the life death-alive.
I take pleasure with pity, not with the sacrifices, because the sacrifices increase pride and that which is sacrificed prides in front of me being better than me.
Because he says himself : " God leaves the men in prey with misfortune, but me, I will make them all happy ! "And thus it insults justice and my punishment, and it prosterne in front of kindness that it is believed to defend exclusively.
He fights for the triumph of the " cause " of kindness, however I am the only cause. And how to make triumph a " cause " ? If it is really one, it triumphs all alone ; it is necessary to make it triumph, this is not a cause.
It is thus made an idol of its kindness and it disavows me, and it is plugged by this angel that it transformed into demon while being prosternant in front of him. But I control with justice my kingdom and nobody leaves with my destroyed hand, anJ idolâtre by his own blasphemy.
Because I do not want that aujourtoday all the men are happy, because aujourtoday all do not deserve it.
I do not want peace on ground, because there are men who deserve to perish by fire, I do not want the tolerance because I am a jealous god.
But I intend you to comment on : " He does not like kindness, he is malicious, is a coléreux and unjust god ! "small-minded persons, when will you include/understand that being right, is to avenge the evil, and to reward the good?
There are of them different which whisper : " it does not want peace, nor the tolerance, is malicious and tortures our similar ! "
Blasphemers, there is that me which avenges and it has there that me which rewards, but I am not revenge, and I am not the reward !
Misfortune with that which confuses me with one of my angels and which likes more than me ! Misfortune with that which takes to me for a part of me, because I will give it in grazing ground to other parts that it insults !
Misfortune with that which takes to me for kindness, because I will give it to the punishment for that it tortures it ! Misfortune with that which takes to me for the punishment, because I will give it to kindness for that it tortures it !
Misfortune with that which takes to me for a word whereas I am the whole Verb, from all the words derive !
Because I am the stone of angle that all the builders reject for the other stones, but all the stones hold only by my weight.
And such is idolatry : to like the stones of the wall more than the stone of angle, whose weight makes hold the wall. is to like idea, angel that I send to you, more than that which you sends.
is to love the disciple more than the Master, whereas said : " disciple is not more than the Master, nor the servant more than his lord. It is enough for the disciple being treated like his Master, and for the servant like his lord. "
Follow the command from which all the others derive : " You will love your God of all your Cœur, all your heart and all your spirit. ", and you will be held in me.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Hearing Mozart acceptance
I got up a 4:30 this morning and went for an hour walk. With my injuries it is impossible for me to continue my yoga practice. Thankfully I can sit meditation once again. I cannot jog or life weights, which has been very hard as I have been phyically fit for years. I've finally realized that it's about giving it your best and if walking is my best right now that is okay. Going for another MRI today and I may need surgery. Maybe I'll go to Barnes and Nobel and pick up a book on calastincs as I feel I can probably do some of that. It comes down to what you hear in AA; acceptance. But this acceptance has been very hard when It comes to my body and my physical limitations. I'm beginning to let acceptance back into my life now.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Road Trip, part 14 The following morning was pretty grim. Grey clouds and that constant nagging just-about-to-tip-down feeling. We wandered about aimlessly looking for something to inspire us.
The Olympic Stadium was boring.
There was this blue church. Well, it was brick-coloured on the outside, but inside it was very very blue. Spooky. Quiet. But ultimately boring.
"What about going up the hill to check out that tower thing?"
Bad move. Ron couldn't stop farting. The view from the top of the hill was of a grey and boring city. The smell was of curry. Boring, after a while.
We headed back into the city and booked ourselves onto one of those tour bus trips. They have them here in Bath. A bus drives past all the stuff you've already seen while a commentator tells you stuff you're not interested in.
We went past the Olympic Stadium again.
We went past the blue church again.
We went up the hill.
"Done that. Boring."
They dropped us off after an hour or so.
"It's crap here. Let's go to Toronto."
So we got in the car and tanked it (65mph felt fast after a week or so of tootling about at 55) down to Toronto.
We ended up in another crap motel near an old World War 2 destroyer. It seemed to be handy for the Molson brewery. But we couldn't find any pubs nearby. This, naturally, was after we had checked in. So we had to go into town.
There was simply nothing to do in Toronto that evening. We found a "blues bar", but the band was ill and their gig was cancelled. We found a "TV bar", but the telly was just showing The Poseidon Adventure. We found a "piano bar", but there didn't appear to be a piano, let alone anyone else in there who might have been able to play one.
"Bit boring here, isn't it?"
We got to the foot of the CN Tower to discover that we were too late to go up it. A wall of tellies noisily told us exactly what was being broadcast from the various ariels attached to the tower. I was alarmed to see that Coronation Street was one of the programmes.
We bought a deck of cards from the souvenir shop, a case of beers from an off-license (they call them that in Toronto, it seems), and went back to the motel to play poker.
None of us could agree on the rules. So it was pretty boring too.
We crashed out early.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Saturday December 24, 2005WISHES OF END OF THE YEARDear friends, we are with two steps of the year 2006, and I want before very that happiness comes to strike with your door, and that you accomodate it as it should be. Once installed on your premise, give him the armchair, most comfortable that you have, and place it in the most luminous corner and most roomy of your house. Speak him with a pleasant voice, smile only for the pleasure, tighten it in your arms, prepare to him to eat, he likes that, and especially made so that he is not bored. He likes the company, shows you as a good comrade, a sincere friend, heats to him the feet, tells jokes beside fire, and then if you can sing, sing serenades, melodies of festivals, show you under your best day. When the day rises, even if the sun misses; radiate, smile, sing, and still and still to retain it as a long time as possible. The day when it will have decided to leave, leave it, it will have other destinies, but, remember, keep it present in you, and when a light smile effleure your heart, sing, smile, radiate, that will give the opportunity to him to return. Good and happy year 2006

It is so secret,it reveals its face only with the dropperand to explore it is if-difficult for me.Sometimes I have the clear impression to include/understand,but suddenly, it is still the mystery.All my efforts often remain without continuation,and even if the sun is shining high and strongthe darkness can invade meto dominate, make ego unconscious to mewho walks in the total black. These is realities that live many people on this ground,is not to know would be it,at would be, the interior of would be;the machine which manages this vastness which is the human being.Indeed we are like individuals who are installed on a horse-gear, and which they do not know its operation.One is although the large wheel turns, but we do not know his engine.It is so secret that one is exceeded by our own imagination, and how much time also by the reason, but its beauty is immenseas the ground which shelters usand it is perhaps this mysterywho involves us to continue, and to even dream some.

It is on, it is a power of which can of elected officials are able to face of it with the daily newspaper. When it take to us by the trippes, it gives us a feeling to break the hut, to fly until space and to return, such an amount of the force which it releases, us makes quiver. It is the apotheosis of the happiness which us gratifie; the essence of yesterday does not have any more importance, and the tomorrow will be an unquestionable victory on this battle field which is the life.

Even if the love approachesa sadness at the bottom of me reproaches it.
Unpleasant madness you seizes mewithout any regard.
Art torments my spiritand delivers to me with creation.
Madness of a timeat two times.
How much time my cried heartwhile my mouth smiled.
I plunge in a coloured worldfilled by passion and poetry.
Art is like a drugto approach is to adopt it.
When the brushes touch my fabric I feel creative the infinite one.
Art chose me like its representative,and I do not know why!
An artist is hardly included/understoodand even less achieves.
The warrior raises his thick to kill the worldthe artist the brush with the hand gives joy to the world.
Give the sky to the artisthe will make a universe of them.
When it has difficult to be expressedits brushes are used to him as interpreter.
In front of the unknown I am blindin front of the love a small sheepin front of the life a good with nothing.
Vis-a-vis with the life, when one included/understoodany remainder to be made.
I climbing life like mountainsto find the flame which burns in my heart.
Paintings and the sculpture are of my creation

Philosophy helps us to grow in wisdom, but also in the revolte.
The artist often is also philosophical, because what it expresses vis-a-vis at the company through its creation the met in a situation of disturbance personnel or faintness in his daily newspaper
J’have the hands mouattes L’orgeuil crossed my feelings I a child feels the tears at the edge of the eyes a node with the throat the tight heart never has all
I am alone in my room silence fills my spirit thoughts all azimouts défoulent themselves on me
And yet I survival bus J’still exists because I resist with the fear and with the song of the cock in the morning I fall on my exhausted douillé bed
Still a day to come to face to ridicule itself to have shame of this qu’one is or not to see its way more...
Art upsets my life at every moment, because more I develop my creation, and more I morfond in it
The paradise of art, it is when I am about to finish a work who caused an intense joy with deepest of my entrails, and I do not manage to express it with the others, so not that I even has...
There is not more water in a vase, that it contains some...
Link visual art and sound art with the same palpitations...
L’art leaves my entrails, like the life of L’embryo, and if I m’incline in front of it, C’is that I am his humble servant
Art upsets my life at every moment, because more I develop my creation, and more I morfond in it
Art justifies my being so much so that the sleep gave me one postponed so that I can realize with my manner the creation of the world
Is better to fall thousand times and rélever the high head, rather than to drop its heart in nothing before D’to have achieves its desires, in this life complicated...
These some lines engages only my vision, but with the hope that link themselves with other visions, and still of others as round and velvety as a ball of snow, in a universe which bubbles more than ever.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Look at your silly thing, see your stupidity ! It is written : " Man was created with image of God, male and female. "do not include/understand not only only man linked with the woman is formed Homme with my image ?
Isn't clear that neither man alone nor the woman alone are with my image ?
Isn't clear that if had wanted that man and the woman can separately live happy I would not have created them with a mutual desire ?
But one day, a certain Augustin, that you declared holy and even father of your Church, as there could be different father that me, mackled the design and the genesis with dirty Mœur and he issued the divorce between the sky and the ground.
And he invented a terrestrial happiness and a celestial happiness, as it could y have different happiness that that union of the sky and ground.
But had said " Which man does not separate what God joined". is why its good news saddened all those which listened, because it spoke against the law that registered in your flesh.
And this law says that your happiness is that in union of man and the woman, when you remade my image.
And this swine very divided into celestial and terrestrial, and all became diabolic. Me, I had invited you to weddings, Augustin involved you with a divorce. had come as Husband, Augustin wanted to separate me from my Wife.
And this blasphemy against union, which is my life, involved the judgment with the aberrations and the nonsenses to which the Christians for two thousand years have been delivered.
According to their statements these insane was at the same time irremediably submitted the sin and entirely to recipients of my grace, at the same time dust which turns over in immortal dust and hearts.
Also, to have wanted to divide me into sky and ground, in body and heart, I crucify them between ground and sky, between body and heart.
And I plunged them in darkness in full day : according to their doctrines, lorsthat a misfortune struck them, they were to say : " is the ransom of the original sin ! ", and when a good arrived to them, they were to say : " here there's, nothing must delight us ! ".
And they resembled to these children on the place, who did not laugh when merry songs were sung, and which did not cry when one played of the sad airs.
And is this Augustin who forged the table of torture on which quartered all those which believed between the " original sin " and the " repurchase by the blood of Christ ".
This was there that two images of what arrives to each man : to disobey and forgiven. But into two historical facts transformed them to him’mutually cancelling, supposed being passed not only to knowledge of man, but also before its birth.
Thus man did not include/understand anything any more of his relationship with me and my government of the world, because Augustin swept any alive dialogue with me : any argument with me, any prayer helps effective, any charge towards me or of my share.
For him, Job which points out the pact to me that concluded with the right ones should be keep silent, David, lorsthat it sings vindicatory psalms, blasphèmerait, and even Jesus, lorsthat it m’calls since the cross so that I do not give up, would be in heresy.
Its lowness and its lack love driven of fear, pushed to issue that lorsthat one addresses the word, one should to only return grace me, as of the sheep which should bleat of joy even when the wolves approach.
How these sheep do not astonish if the shepherd only comes too late to defend them, puisthat they did not howl of fear !
Because it is true that I am in misery, is because one can always discuss my decisions, without I m’irritating as do it the likely tyrants !
And it is true that one can easily retort to me, is because lives the Kingdom who is in you, and not in remote and inaccessible palates !

Monday, February 13, 2006

IMMEDIATE CRITICAL PRAYER NEEDOne of our leaders in Engaged Encounter Mark Lucas has recently learned of the presence of what appears to be cancer. He is not much older than myself and we encourage you to join us in prayer. He is married to Paula and has young adult daughters, all whom need prayer as well. I will share more as I know more but I wanted to get this out there ASAP so we can aggressively seek God for his healing.